Recommendation Letter Format

Recommendation Letter Format with Proper Outline

When you apply the graduate school, one of requirement is recommendation. You need this letter from someone or person who understand your quality and capability. In order to write properly, you must follow the recommendation letter format.

Before exploring more about this topic, you need to know about this letter first. In simple term, this letter is written from person in order to support or explain candidate quality. For example, you apply to college and your teacher will give this letter to increase the acceptance chance.

Purposes of Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letter format has several purposes. Letter for college is different from job application. The reference and recommendation for scholarship is completely different from letter for university enrollment. The contents, format, and purpose determine the level of recommendation letter itself.

  1. Extra merit or support
  2. Applying study
  3. Job application

Extra merit means you will obtain more weight when competing with candidates that have equal value. Reviewer will check this letter and put more value to your application. This is common in college admission

You can ask previous employer to write recommendation letter related to your work in his company. This letter will add into resume. HR department will confirm this letter directly to the writer.

How to Write Recommendation Letter

The next section will explain how you use recommendation letter format. You may obtain templates from university or company regarding letter format. In general, they have the same outline. Follow below steps to know more about writing proper recommendation letter.

  1. Letterhead, name, contact information

This part provides information about writers. If letter comes from company or organization, write official name of them. Letterhead makes this letter looks official.


  1. Introduction

Introduction is part where writers explain how they know the candidate. Keep the words and sentence as brief and formal. Do not mention anything that’s out of topic.


  1. Personal statement about quality and achievement

The core content is personal statement about achievement and quality of candidate. In this part, you provide explanation what candidates have done during their tenure. For achievement, using number will help for validating candidate.


  1. Conclusion

Conclusion gives reason why candidate does not work anymore. For student, this part gives brief factor why next school or university must accept the application.

Tips in Writing Recommendation Letter

Format is simple, but few tips below will help to write in proper order.

  1. One or two qualities

You write about quality and achievement, but do not need to write everything is in this part. Just mention one or two qualities related to candidate objective.


  1. Positive vibe and writing

As it mentioned above, words have to be positive and formal. This letter has purpose to boost merit and chance of acceptance. You must appreciate what candidate has done. The writing must be accurate and formal alongside the positive vibe.


  1. Contact information

This part is mostly necessary in letterhead before writing complete recommendation. Make sure the contact information is real and active because you may receive the call to verify and validate this letter.

The last step is to start preparing recommendation letter format. Find the right format and choose the right person. Recommendation letter must benefit your purpose, not reducing the chance.

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recommendation letter format

recommendation letter format

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recommendation letter format

recommendation letter format

recommendation letter format

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recommendation letter format

This type of letter usually includes a deadline, and therefore it is very important to give the author at least one month. A letter of recommendation on the preparation of a letter of recommendation on employment will become important, you know the basic details about the candidate.
Correspondence aims to highlight the many different qualities that create the ideal student for your work. Letters of recommendation are often used to promote or strengthen the unique aspects of your MBA program. If you want to write a letter of recommendation for your particular employee, the example below will help you understand the specifics and approach of the articles.
There are many different types of letters to choose from for different events. It is very important that your letter be written in a balanced way. A letter of recommendation, as its name implies, is a letter composed by a person or a company, praising his qualities, qualifications and abilities.
The letter ends with all contacts, regardless of the employee, who can be used to be more careful about the candidate. Because letters of recommendation are incredibly important for filling out a job application, a union, a training course and a business project, it is a good idea to ask someone responsible, trustworthy and trustworthy to write for your candidate. A letter of recommendation for former employees is a great advantage for almost any employee, because at the last minute companies are looking for an excellent report from their previous small business.
If you are asked to provide a letter of recommendation, use our free letter of recommendation template to help you get started. On the other hand, reference letters were made whenever someone would like to provide a personal attraction.
A letter can be addressed to a specific person or college, or it can be written as a general letter of recommendation. Promotional letters are one of the best types of direct advertising. The second promotional letter you make, you want to be able to meet the advertising needs of your own product.
Letters can be used for any purpose. Do not forget to write a thank you letter to your company.
Unless otherwise noted, the author must provide the means to find them if the reader needs additional information. In the end, the author of the letter outlines how the subject could trigger the MBA program. The author of the letter of recommendation should be able to properly discuss with the person’s ability to perform in a situation where the applicant uses. When choosing someone for whom you want to write your recommendation, it is extremely important to choose the author of the letter that you are familiar with.

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