Letter Of Recommendation Format

Letter of Recommendation Format for Varied Purposes

Sometimes, when you are registering or applying for a position or event, you will be asked to include recommendation letter. This letter is provided by someone who has previously worked together with you in order to strengthen your application. You need to have a letter of recommendation format to make sure that your document is in standard formatting.

Types of Letter for Recommendation

Generally, there are three types of recommendation letter based on its purposes. Here are the types and their descriptions.

  1. Character related recommendation

This type of recommendation describes the character of subject (person whom is recommended to achieve certain position). It is often used for someone to get an accommodation, working in informal sector, or occupying non formal position in certain group. You will be able to obtain this recommendation from people who have interacted with you in professional or personal level. These people should not be your family member

  1. Academic related recommendation

The second type of recommendation is the academic related one. This recommendation describes how a person’s academic related behavior and attitude based on the recommendation giver’s perspective. It is used when someone is going to apply for school or scholarship. You usually obtain this recommendation from academic advisor, thesis supervisor, or your lector. The letter of recommendation format for this letter needs to be quite formal.

  1. Work related recommendation

Work related recommendation is needed when someone is applying for a career position in a corporation or institution. It is given by people who have worked together with the person. This recommendation describes how the person behaves and treats their job. This letter is usually written by supervisor or manager. Coworker may also write this letter, although letter from supervisor is still regarded higher.

Structure for Letter of Recommendation

There are many options for letter of recommendation format that you will be able to choose. However, there are some contents which are considered the standard version. Here are the standard structure and content of a recommendation letter you can apply to yours.

  • Information about the sender. This information includes the sender’s name and contact information. It is not impossible that the recommendation giver will be contacted later.
  • Information about the person being recommended. The letter must be clearly stated this information so the reader will not be confused as to whom is being talked about in the letter.
  • Explanation on how the sender knows the person. The letter must include since when the two persons started interacting and in what setting to provide context to the reader.
  • Mention of the person’s positive points. You can state in personal, work, or academic context depending on the purpose of your letter.
  • Conclusion on why the person is right for the position.

The Sample Template

As long as you follow the standard letter of recommendation format as mentioned previously, you can create your own template. The classic one has formal letter template. You need to add the date when you are writing the letter at beginning then proceed as you would with regular letter. After that, you can sign the letter at the end.

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

letter of recommendation format

Although you do not want to study the sincerity of the above and your voice, your letter should be positive. Recommendation should be one of the simplest parts of writing a letter. To save time, there are many email recommendations to choose from.
The letter should be written by the person supervising the candidate. Most of the time writing it comes with little risk. Writing a letter of recommendation for one person is a huge responsibility and should be taken very seriously.
If the letter contains the candidate’s qualifications and individual characteristics, it will act as a convincing argument in their favor. What if you refuse to write a letter, which can also be a problem. In the letter of recommendation you will find a reasonable justification to help you get the opportunity. A letter of recommendation, as its name implies, is a letter written by someone or an organization that appreciates one’s qualities, qualifications, and skills.
The purpose of this letter is to highlight the many different qualities that make a student ideal for the job. For this reason, you should start by letter directly addressing yourself, such as the name of the individual. This is effective because it is easier to read the letter than to speak to the referees by phone or mail because it is excluded.
Writing a letter is a basic obligation because it requires you to customize your words with the candidate and submit your letter individually. In general, each letter ends with a call to contact the writer for further information. As always, you have to write a letter of recommendation if you feel you have a qualified candidate, it is wise to write it only if you are able to give him a good result. Just look at what you should include in your letter of recommendation. Writing recommendations to someone is a huge responsibility, and correct position plays an important role in that person’s future.
Confirm the letter and again the list of things such as contact information, your location and organization, and confirm that you are a reliable link. Simply put, if you prefer confirming your letter with a strong and positive image, make sure it doesn’t sound honest. You can also see reference letters. When writing a reference letter for someone, it’s important to write it in a clear format.
No one can recommend. The task can explain why they have leadership potential or how they have succeeded in past scientific or business activities. You may be offered a job or scholarship or a variety of other factors.
Make sure you follow all the guidelines for the letter of reference and you will do well. The proposal is useful in various areas of life. Whether it’s academic or job offers, we have a huge group of sample reference letters that let you find one that seems right for you.

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