Printable Clock Face

Printable Clock Face to Make DIY Projects


Downloading printable clock face is always necessary if you like making your own stuff. Making DIY clock is beneficial because it will save your money and it will make you have a customized clock that no one else has. Down below, there are quite a lot of blank clock face templates, as well as some colorful ones, that you can print and use in the DIY projects.


How to Use Printable Clock Face in DIY Projects?


Art and craft projects are basically very fun, especially when you love this kind of DIY hobby. What can you do with the printable clock face and how to use them? The full explanation of the steps that you should do after downloading the template is shown down below. It will help you to turn the template into an actual clock that can be hanged on the wall.


  1. Download the Template

Of course, the first thing that you need to do is downloading the printable clock face. Choose the one that you think fits your style the most. If you like classic clock with standard numbering on it, go ahead and download it.


  1. Customize and Print

If you want to customize the clock, such as inserting pictures of your family on the clock or something, edit the template using photo editor apps, like Photoshop. After it is done, print the clock template. Set the printer into its highest mode when printing the printable clock face.


  1. Apply to Clock Frame

When the template is customized and printed, all you need to do now is preparing a clock frame. A clock frame is usually available in art and craft shop. It is like a round picture frame but with clock machine and hands on it. Read its instruction and stick the printed template on using glue.


  1. Set the Machine

Last but not least, you need to set the clock hands and set the machine. Insert the battery at this point to see if the clock is working. If it is, hang the clock on the wall and you are done with the craft.


Editable and Printable Clock Face to Download


Classic Black and White Clock


The most common template of the clock is the classic black and white. The frame is just a black line with bold and black numbers on it. This is the easiest one to get customized because you can insert any pictures or desired design in the blank space easier.


Clock with Colorful Numbers


If the plan is to make a whimsical clock for a kindergarten classroom or for the nursery at home, black and white can be a little bit dull. Choose these colorful templates instead. They have numerous colors on each clock, making it look playful and interesting for smaller children to look at.


Roman Numerals Clock


When the regular numbering seems boring to you, download these templates. These are the clock template using roman numbering. Instead of 1, 2, 3, it has I, II, III, and so on written on the clock. It looks more classic and aesthetically appealing. It looks vintage and rustic as well, which is perfect for home decoration.


Preschool Clock Template


These preschool clock templates are completed with the needed design for smaller children. It has animal designs on it as well as several explanations about clock. It will help small children to learn telling time, too.


Those are some of the best printable clock face templates that you can get. Choose which one is your favorite and use it right away to make an exclusive, fully customized wall clock. The clock is going to be a spot-on wall decoration as well for the room. Everything starts by choosing the right template for the clock here.


printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

printable clock face

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printable clock face

printable clock face

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