Employee File Checklist

Employee File Checklist Containing Several Files to Be Completed

Company or employer keeps the record to all employees. One person has folder that contains relevant information. Such folder is usually called employee file. For auditing, the process to inspect those folders will utilize employee file checklist.

Keep in mind the checklist only provides guideline to everything that should be in this file. In past time, the record and files were mostly paper based. Today, most of contents are in digital form. Several items are still paper-based, but not as much as old time.

The Contents on Employee File Checklist

Company uses checklist mainly to verify and undergo major inspection. The past and recent employees have record that must be updated. This is where checklist becomes necessary. Employee file checklist will have several things that should be in this file.

  1. Basic information

Basic information is common date that employers must have. It contains name, address, contact number, education, and other.


  1. Experience and training

Employee works at certain period based on contract. When he or she is no longer part of company, record stills keep experience and training during work time. All records related to worker performance are in this file.


  1. Payroll and taxes

Next file is payroll, including compensation, bonus, and taxes. Company will keep those things as part of work system.


  1. Health and insurance

File includes health and insurance that employees have. Employers provide health benefit alongside insurance. When employee uses that benefit, record is kept in personnel file.


  1. Termination contract

Last file is termination contract. It gives information about contract that employees have. If person is still work, you can check his or her term. For past employer, this part provides necessary information regarding his or her employment.

The Things Not Included in Employee File Checklist

Employee file does not contain all files that are not relevant. In fact, such files are illegal to be in employer hand without further consent. The example of contents that will not be in employee file checklist is at the following list.

  1. Bank account

Company only has account number, but detail such as PIN is solely in account holder. Besides that, employer must create formal request letter if need further information regarding employee bank account.


  1. Medical record

Medical record is private file that cannot be stored in unlicensed place. Hospital and doctor have consent when keeping this record. On contrary, employer does not have right to obtain medical record related to certain person in company.

In the checklist, both files above are not available unless emergency. For medical record, the employee file usually has doctor note. It does not reveal the full record, but only brief information for certain purpose.

Well, auditor uses checklist when doing internal audit process. HR department does this kind of process as part of quality control. All necessary files must be available and employees will provide them. Usually, the company has template when doing this process.

From explanation above, you know what employee file checklist supposed to do. Checklist helps to ensure the company has necessary information regarding employee. Besides, collecting file is also a part of company policy.

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Hiring employees, you need to prepare employee records and files for certain employee details. If an employee wishes to make a copy of a specific document in a document, he or she has the legal right to ensure that you, not the employee, make a copy. However, a former employee may only carry out the work of his employees after his employment has ended. You will want to let each employee understand what is in their personal file, but you need to check their integrity, integrity and diligence. In most cases, you will not have to show all your employees. An employee of an employee wishing to request a review of his employees should speak to the Human Resources Director.
The checklists can serve as a reminder of what needs to be accomplished while reminding us of the things we have already completed. Everything on the list must confirm the policies provided, that is, it should not affect private parties that are not affiliated with the corporation. Check worms can be used for many purposes. The HR checklist is the type of checklist used by the business to conduct HR activities efficiently and effectively. A checklist may be needed to ensure that nothing significant is overlooked. Employee checklists are one of the most popular tools used by management to perform certain procedures.
An employer must only comply with one former employee’s request to verify or obtain a copy of his employee records each year. He is not obliged to submit more than 50 requests for review and obtain a copy of personal records submitted by an agent or employee for more than one calendar month. At the request of the current staff member, he shall allow him, at least once a year, to check and obtain a copy of any part of the staff member. Smart employers also maintain a lot of human resources.
Confidential files You should always treat personal files as you would any other private business document. Your personal file will be stored in the Company’s archives in accordance with all legal requirements. Personnel files can have a wide selection of documents and data, which can be especially useful if you feel you have been accidentally terminated or have been subject to discrimination or retaliation. In addition, since they may contain a number of personal data, authorized personnel in the staff file should only have specific categories of personal data. Each form of human resources has different reasons for existing and clear content depending on the reason.
Usually, you don’t need to do anything else based on the file type. There are two types of work files in many organizations. If you have a file containing the correct format data, you can use the ReadRowset method to read the page from page to file. Many of them choose computer files. You should make sure that these files are accessible only to people who have a legitimate and legitimate reason to view these files. All employee-related files are considered strictly confidential, and access will be restricted to those who have a work-related problem to understand this information and are authorized to view the file.

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