Engineering Paper Printable

What is Engineering Paper Printable Sheet and How to Use It

Engineering paper printable sheet sometimes is also known as graph paper, squared paper, coordinate paper, or grid paper. It is paper that printed with regular grid made from fine lines. The purpose of the lines is to guide users in plotting function graphs or drawing curves.

It is most common to be found to be used for engineering or mathematics education purposes or laboratory paper notes. You can easily find the paper bounded as notebook or as single piece of loose leaf paper.

What Is Engineering Paper

Engineering paper is a paper with light yellow or green shade undertone with a blank front part and graphed back part. It could contain four, five, to ten squares per inch. You can see slightly noticeable grid lines from the front side, because they are printed on every page at the rear aspect with unprinted border so the users can also use that side. But the grid lines will not appear when the paper is photocopied or scanned, resulting in copied work that looks neat and organized.

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find engineering paper printable on the internet because of its wide uses. Most professors at advanced math field require their student to use it for homework or other projects, which is understandable because the paper comes handy for various uses, for instance to draw graph lines.

History of the Paper

At 1794 in England, Dr. Buxton patented the printed paper with coordinated grid, which is considered as the first commercial publication of graph paper. Then about a century later, mathematician in University of Chicago, E.H started to advocate usage of squared lines paper to students. It is fair to say that graph paper was widely developed during 1890 to 1910, where there was an explosion of student number in US.

It is still referred as square paper at 1919, showing that American did not catch quickly on usage of term “graph paper”. At 1937, it is referred as “coordinated paper” by W. A. Wilson and J. A. Tracey in their authored book Analytic Geometry. A 1961 London published book, Public School Arithmetic by W. M. Baker and A. A. Bourne shows that it is still called “squared paper” by the British until then.

How to Fill In the Header

There is certain format of engineering paper printable usage you have to follow. Notice that the header is made from five larger boxes, from left to right, which should contain the following information below:

  1. First box

It is the box on the far left. If you are going to use more than a piece of paper, then it is where you would put the staple and bind the papers. If you’re not, then leave the box empty.


  1. Second box

Write down your name here. If you’re working in team, write the leader’s name first followed by the team member’s names.


  1. Third box

It is the box on the center of the engineering paper printable sheet. Put the number of the section and course.


  1. Fourth box

Write down the date where you have completed the project or assignment.


  1. Fifth box

It is the box on the far right. Write down the total numbers of page here.

How to Write Your Assignment Solutions

  • Start by writing the number of homework problem at the beginning.
  • Any information to solve it should also be included.
  • Write the necessary information of the problem you need to solve.
  • Do include graph, chart, or diagram to illustrate the problem.
  • After you have written all the steps above, start to calculate the problem’s solution.

After you have successfully completed your assignment on the engineering paper printable sheet, evaluate the calculation, equations, and units to make sure you submit it with no error.

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engineering paper printable

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engineering paper printable

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