Texas Firearm Bill Of Sale

Texas Firearm Bill Of Sale and How to Make It

Firearm sale needs legal document to ensure all transactions are legal. If you are in Texas, such document is called Texas firearm bill of sale. In simple term, this bill includes the necessary information related to transaction.

The Functions of Texas Firearm Bill Of Sale

You need to know why Texas firearm bill of sale is necessary. Keep in mind this article discusses about firearm in Texas. However, the application is general that’s also capable to implement in other States. The function of this bill is listed at the following section.

  1. Legal transaction

Firearm or gun is not legal product. People or buyers can purchase from sellers. However, both of them must have license, at least they are eligible to utilize and own firearm. Usually, you can purchase guns at store and then receive the bill. For private transaction, bill of sale is necessary as equal to receipt from firearm store.


  1. Proof of sale

The store provides bill that’s enough as a proof of sale. Sometimes, buyers need more than standard bill, and specific bill is created. Besides, the transaction is not from store, but legal procedures requires bill of sale. Therefore, you can use this bill as legitimate proof that the firearm is transferred from one person to you legally.


  1. Additional document for firearm license

If you go to other States, the firearm regulation may be different. Owners must obtain the license. As requirement, this bill is necessary to be included into license submission.

Contents in Firearm Bill Of Sale

The next section will explore what must be in Texas firearm bill of sale. As similar to other bills, firearm sale must provide information regarding buyer, seller, time, signature, and firearm type. More about this part will be explained at below list.

  1. Personal information

Bill of sale contains information like the name, address, contact number, and driver’s license. Both names are the real ones, especially buyer. In certain States, the background check is necessary, and this bill helps to pass that one.


  1. Purchase term and condition

In this part, you can put all terms that have been concluded during negotiation. As you know, the transaction is not at store but in private matter. That’s why the purchasing term must be stated clearly. Both will negotiate, and the result is written in this bill.


  1. Firearm type and payment option

The next part contains firearm type and payment option. This is the most important part because one mistake will affect in future. The bill provides date about firearm model, year of production, caliber, etc. This section also includes payment method. You should put details regarding financial transaction.


  1. Signature and date

The last part is signature, including the date. Usually, the time may be at the top but you can add it later after the purchase is agreed. The signature should come from both parties.


The Template for Texas Firearm Bill Of Sale

Private transaction between seller and buyer needs legal document. You cannot receive firearm from unknown people. Even though the firearm is from your friend or family, this bill is still necessary. Of course, you must adjust the payment method to be versatile based on what have been agreed.

You can create your own bill of sale or just use the template. The latter is preferable because the template has outline. General contents are already in strict form. You just modify and add few things, such as firearm detail. That’s what you should do to obtain Texas firearm bill of sale.

The contents in Texas firearm bill of sale must be strict and definite. This bill acts as legal license for owning the firearm, especially in the States where license is not required. At least, you will obtain the firearm from legal way. Sometimes, the stores also provide this bill as complimentary service. If buyers come from other States, the bill helps to enhance legal status.


texas firearm bill of sale

texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

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texas firearm bill of sale

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