Christmas Letter Templates

Interesting Christmas Letter Templates to Send This Holiday Season

Using Christmas letter templates is an easy and quick way to send beautiful, unique, and memorable greetings to your family members or friends. A lot of templates on the internet have creative elements like pretty and colorful designs, space to attach photos, and text box to write and put your message. It is so easy to browse, download, and print free templates. However, if none of their designs suit you, you can opt to create them by yourself.

What is Christmas Letter?

Christmas is one of the big holidays beside New Year and Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition to celebrate it by exchanging written greetings few weeks before the D-day. The basic and traditional text is just to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for the receiver. Sometimes it also includes some prayer, poem, religious song lyrics, Biblical verse, and many more.

What is written inside Christmas Letter?

Putting your feelings into a piece of paper is not always easy. The sentiments of sending holiday letter will not only warm the recipients’ heart but also will allow them to know that they are special and you are thinking of them. Here are few steps you can follow to craft the letter.

Start the letter with Christmas greetings.

Like any kinds of letter, it should be started with some greetings. For a tailored greeting and perfect opening, include a Christmas wish. Some classic greetings include “Happy Holidays,” or “Merry Christmas.”


Write personalized words based on you and the recipient’s relationship.

To let the recipient knows that they’re special and dear for you, compose heartfelt words. Write specific details related to the person in the opening part. You can also deliver some big news such as upcoming special occasion or new family member addition in the greeting.


If it’s for a business related, write cheerfully but appropriately.

When you write the letter on behalf of your business, keep it professional and formal. Thank the colleges, employees, or customers for all the support you have received in the past last year.


If it’s for a humorous person, do not hesitant to write few funny lines.

No matter how comical or amusing the recipient is, keep the humor appropriate. It is also a good idea to keep the jokes holiday-themed.


  1. Consider to include some Bible verses or Religious quotes.

Christmas is a religious celebration, so it is great to give some special message to those who share the same faith as you during the holiday season. Make sure that the religious toned lines are respectful for the receiver’s or their family’s beliefs.


  1. Sign the letter.

Last but not least, mark the letter with your sign and you’re done.

Tips to Create Your Own Templates

  1. Make the letter’s shape unique

Cut the letter’s shape into something other than the basic rectangular paper shape. You can match the shape into the receiver’s personality.


  1. Put cute stamps on the envelope

A feature like stamp can make the letter even more interesting. Handmade the stamps by drawing something funny on small paper and glue it on the front side of the envelope.


  1. Draw on the letter

Using a pencil, coloring pencils, colorful markers, pen, and watercolor, decorate the paper creatively. It could be something related to Christmas like the drawing of Santa Claus or Rudolph the deer.


  1. Decorate it using colorful paper, washi tape, or glitter

There is an endless possibility of creativity when it comes to decorating letters. Avoid being standard and basic by using things like washi tape or colorful paper.


Where to Download Them for Free

There are so many places where you can get printable Christmas letter templates. You can get it on Microsoft Word software if you’re not being able to get it online, or create from scratch using Photoshop. To download the printable format, go to website like Freepik or Canva.

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In cases like this, people will look for models. Available templates can create a task before they are easy to execute. Several templates are available for these cards online.
Click the hyperlink below the map you want to load.
Ready to send the letter home or just drop it under a tree on Christmas morning? Christmas letters are a great way to cut ties with family and friends. It is wise to keep Christmas cards.
Given the potential impact of a letter, it is really a good idea to get two or three other people to correspond. Usually, it acts as a typical stationery page that represents the company brand, as do any exclusive logos or images. As a happy letter, make sure your departure is as welcoming as possible. You will read the entire letter here. Make sure the mail is dry before placing the letter on the premises. Notice letters can be used in a variety of special and business circumstances. They should be written in a simple manner, telling all the relevant facts.
Obviously, you want to differentiate yourself in a letter full of interesting content. Whenever someone writes a letter to Santa, he wants to start the message in a fantastic way. Whenever someone wants to help their child write a letter to Santa, he or she would love to make the letter writing task so easy and accessible. Letters to Santa is a great process to get your baby out of the Christmas spirit by improving their reading and writing skills at the right time! Letters may be small together and extended. You will most likely always write a Christmas letter to a friend or relative to show that you have lost and remember them.
There are many approaches where you can use Christmas frames and borders. It is quite easy to distinguish between them. You will find the best free Christmas borders that are easily available here in a simple and tasteful way against this scandalous and enjoyable.
While the printable templates offered by LoveToKnow help you get started, you will need to customize the previous version of your mailing address to meet the specific needs of your business.
Clicking on the templates will allow you to discover the letter template here so you can choose the one you want to give your child. The template will contain all the relevant information you will need in the document. You will find twelve special models to choose from! You will find various templates available in Microsoft Word.

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